Soluva® Air W

Safe UV air disinfection without chemicals for highly frequented rooms

Soluva® Air W disinfects room air simple, safe and fast without the use of chemicals. The disinfection unit is wall-mounted and cleans 100-400 cubic meters of air per hour. During the almost silent operation the room air is continuously circulated. This leads to a reliable reduction of the germ load.

Thanks to its high-quality, unobtrusive design, the Air W fits perfectly into any interior design. Soluva® Air W is suitable for medical practices, waiting rooms, offices, classrooms, meeting rooms and hotel rooms. The unit is easy to maintain and equipped with our particularly long-life UV lamps.

Soluva® Air W - the solution for room air disinfection


Viruses, bacteria and other microorganisms spread via tiny water droplets in the air, so-called aerosols. They can survive there for a long time and transfer from host to host. Especially in rooms with many people - like waiting rooms, offices, fitness studios or even laboratories - the risk is high.

An contributing factor is that often these rooms cannot be well ventilated or there is no central ventilation available. Ventilation can also be unpleasant, especially in winter: ideal conditions for viruses.

Protect your customers and employees

Avoid this vicious cycle by using strongly disinfecting UV light in the wavelength range of 254nm. The DNA of the microorganisms absorb the UV light which destroys their structure rendering the organism inactive. No other method is as effective, low maintenance and easy to install. The Soluva® UV Air W disinfects small rooms such as classrooms or offices reliably and is environmetally friendly - without the use of chemicals.

It´s that easy to use

1. simple assembly

2. insert plug into socket, switch on

3. disinfection for as long as required

Technical Data

  • Flow rate: 100-400m3/h
  • UV-light source: NNI 50/26XL - Low pressure UVC lamp
  • Service life of the emitters: up to 16,000 h
  • Nominal power: 220 Watt
  • UVC power: 38 Watt
  • Supply voltage: 230 V / 50 Hz
  • Weight: approx. 35 kg
  • Dimensions (L×H×W): 9,98mm x 685mm x 197mm
  • Max. noise (depending on setting): at min. air flow 38,5 db(A) ; at max. air flow 63,5 db(A) - (measured in 1m distance)

Technical Service

We not just sell lamps but work closely with our customers to optimise their applications and our products. We support customers with the development of their production processes, implementation at the production plant and maintenance and repair.