Porocarb® -提高电池性能的定制化碳添加剂

Porocarb® -定制化碳添加剂改善您的电池性能


Review of KABC 2022

KABC 2022

Seoul, South Korea - September 2022

We had the honor to present at the KABC this year again.  Find here our presentation.

We also summarized our key take aways of the conference:

  • EV market is expected to grow by 33% to 55.68 million units reaching 3647 GWh in 2030 - similar outlook as at the last conferences
  • Increase the proportion of electric vehicles by accelerating the global top OEM’s conversion to electric vehicles
  • LFP dominates China, high-Ni globalization –  please find here the link to our latest LFP case study
  • Transition from China-centered production to European and North American local production
  • 4680(46xxx) cell application are expanding more thru Tesla, BMW etc.

Case Study

High-power battery applications face the challenge of low energy output and unsatisfying thermal behavior, e.g. due to temperature cut-off at high power. Learn in our case studies how high-performance carbon additive Porocarb® can solve these challenges:

  • How Porocarb® improves the heat dissipation
  • How Porocarb® improves the heat dissipation and prolongs life time of batteries








我们的“高能量”Porocarb®可缓解汽车制造商所面临的汽车续航焦虑。 Porocarb®可改善导电网络和离子传导性能,并延长续航里程。




我们的“高功率”Porocarb® 能降低电池的升温速率,提升电池的续航里程以及增加电池的使用寿命。这对于混合动力汽车也是有益的。