5157677 - Sensor Elements with Ni-Lead Extensions

Type M310 Lead Length 60 mm. Most temperature sensing applications require sensing elements packaged in protective housings. Sensor elements with lead extensions helps to reduced development times in your processes. The laser welded lead extensions are available in standard lengths and can be customized to your optimum length for larger requests.



  • 类型: Sensor Elements with Ni-Lead Extensions
  • 公称阻值 R₀ [Ω]: Pt1000
  • 温度系数(TCR): 3850
  • 公差等级: F 0.3 / B
  • 最低温度 °C: -70
  • 最高温度 °C: 500
  • 最低温度误差 °C: -70
  • 最高温度误差 °C: 500
  • 包装技术: Clamping, 压接, 焊接, 锡焊, 钎焊
  • 包装: 真空塑料包装