Stationary measurement

Precise optical lamps for your photonic needs. Instruments for stationary analysis need high-quality lamps and replacement lamps for precise optical detection of organic and non-organic compounds. Specialty light sources from Heraeus are engineered for long lifetime, which supports the lowest Cost-of-Ownership in your system, but also for highest repeatable precision so that users benefit from the most consistent and sensitive analysis.



Burning fossil fuels for energy generation, such as coal-, oil- and gas create exhaust gases. Those gases contain dangerous gases and compounds, harmful for people and environment.

By measuring the light absorption or photoionization in exhaust gases the content of e. g. NOx, SO2, H2S can be monitored.

Lamps for exhaust monitoring:

pollution city

The increasing environmental awareness makes pollution monitoring and reduction more and more important. Pollution monitoring is key to react fast enough on changes and to avoid a high exposure. With measuring the light absorption or photoionization of a sample, different pollution gases can be quantitatively and qualitatively detected.

Lamps for pollution monitoring:

 FiberLight® product family


 Photoionisation Detector (PID) Lamps

 Deuterium Lamps

Statistical Process Control (SPC) is an important factor in the manufacturing industry to avoid high costs in case of production variances. By implementing different process control methods and tools you can ensure that every discrepancy to the intended process will be noticed as early as possible. The later the deviation will be noticed the higher the damage costs are.

In chemical processes it is common to control the chemical reaction product and its purity. For that purpose, UV light sources can be used to analyze the product with UV-Vis spectroscopy.

Lamps for process control:

 FiberLight® product family

 Deuterium Lamps

Gas-pipes bear a small risk of leakage, which can be dangerous for the personnel safety or the environment. To reduce this risk, it is necessary to check the gas pipe lines for leakage in industry as well as at home.

The escaping gases can be detected with handheld measurement devices using photoionization or UV-Vis spectroscopy.

Lamps for leak detection:


 Photoionisation Detection Lamps (PID)

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